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How It All Started

In a small town in Pennsylvania there’s been a well kept secret.  It all started one night when the founder of Leatherbaits was working on his hobby, leathercrafting.  He was making keychains with his son, when he realized they resembled one of his favorite fishing lures.  He shrugged his shoulders and laughed, but as the days went on he could not stop thinking, what if?  He decided to make a leather fishing lure that was very crude compared to our current design.​


He went fishing with a couple of his lures similar to the Leatherbaits Spider.  Much to his surprise, on his second cast he caught a 4 pound largemouth bass.  He was overwhelmed with amazement!  As the day went on he caught even more bass.  Success!​


What was it that made it work so well, he kept thinking.  After weeks of contemplation and testing he realized it was the natural buoyancy keeping it in the strike zone longer, plus it’s fish attractant holding ability, as well as it’s lifelike texture and natural looks.  For the next 5 years, 2 men dedicated themselves to developing the next fishing revolution.

An image of a basement containing chairs and a small table to the left, a cow-skin rug and fireplace to the right, and a workshop area with two large tables in the background. There is also a few road signs on the wall.
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