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The Leatherbaits Trailer

Updated: Mar 23

I designed Leatherbaits trailers to complement all my jigs perfectly, enhancing their effectiveness whether I'm fishing in shallow or deep water. One aspect that truly stands out is their durability; these trailers hold up remarkably well, even in harsh conditions throughout the year, from winter chill to summer heat.

What's more, they excel in enticing big largemouth and smallmouth bass, thanks to their low profile design that allows for excellent hook sets. With all the colors and sizes available, there is ample options to tailor the presentation to suit the fishing conditions. One of the highlights of using Leatherbaits trailers is their compatibility with other Leatherbaits products, such as the Spider lure.

Combining the trailer with the Spider lure adds another dimension to my fishing game, turning a simple trailer into a full on crawfish jig. Leatherbaits trailers have contributed to some of my best days on the water, making them a staple in my tackle box.

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