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Various Spider Leatherbaits Lures

Spider (2pk)

  • The buoyancy of the leather means a slower fall and increased time in the strike zone to entice fish.
  • Adjust the fall speed depending on your jig weight.
  • Mix and match with the Leatherbaits trailer, available in 4 sizes and 9 colors, not included.
  • Snap firmly on desired hook and install the supplied skirt collar.


*By trimming, easily customize your Leatherbaits to your liking*

*Hooks not included*

*Leatherbaits may vary in size, shape, texture, color and weight*

*No two Leatherbaits are identical*

*Dry lures out completely before storing for maximum life span*

*Use a pin or leather punch matching the hook gauge, bait should snap on tightly for secure fit*


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